45 Degree Woman


If we put together men with equally big hearts, similar musical ambitions and an unbreakable friendship bond, what does it add up to? A woman. 45 Degree Woman.

According to the legend, 45 Degree Woman is a real and existing person, a native Spanish woman who is a guardian and a friend of the band - and at the same time in their gentle protection. The Mexican saint, the Virgin of Guadalupe, could be her sister or her mother, and the members of 45 Degree Woman are her sons and brothers.

45 Degree Woman has been a familiar name in the Finnish metal/rock scene for a few years. Besides their musical merits, the band is known for the unbribable attitude and communal spirit. When "La Familia", 45 Degree Woman with their technicians and other members, makes a move, 100% will always be given - whether they play in a small local club or a main stage. 45 Degree Woman saw daylight in 1995, when the drummer Kari Reini, keyboardist Jan Weckström and guitarist Iiro Tuomola composed the first songs for the lady. The latest line-up became steady when guitarist Hannu Laanterä and singer Mikko Viman joined the family. Subsequently, in the year of 2009 bassist Toni Laroma and keyboardist Martti Lindholm reinforced their lines. The band's story is extraordinary. During the years they have experienced emotions ranging from deep collective sorrow and loss to happiness and success together, coloring their diary pages from the deepest black to a shiny white.

45 Degree Woman showed their composing skills and strength at the hardest times on their first album, How To Handle The Pain (2006). As the title declares, the record is all about facing the cold hard facts of life and death - as well as the pain that comes from within. The latest album Revival (Feb 25, 2009) is a logical continuum to How To Handle The Pain. The powerful emotions are still present, but now things are seen also from a positive angle: faith, hope and love.
Strong riffs and melodic hooks make Revival more guitar-driven and organic than its predecessor. The result is hard, warm and clear. Revival proves the band has been able to shed the weight off its shoulders, now aiming up and forward. This new, brighter phase is filled with courage and self esteem which can be heard throughout the record. Today 45 Degree Woman smiles like a lady who makes men fall on their knees and reminds all women truly how great it is to be a woman.

Now. After few years, revelation signifies the end of the silence.
You don't know it yet but the time has come.

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